JACK II – Jack-up

Jack II is a self propelled fully hydraulic multi-purpose, four legged mini jack-up platform. The platform can be elevated out of the water and made completely independent from vulnerable inclement weather and tidal conditions.

The Jack II jack-up is an ideal craft capable of working safely in both confined inter-tidal areas and exposed shallow open seas, where swift, accurate manoeuvring and positioning is required.

Traditional methods of working in a marine environment usually involves the use of floating plant such as ships and barges however this method is susceptible to bad weather.

The use of a jack-up platform permits work to be carried out in similar conditions to those on land, specific benefits when using a jack-up platform compared to more traditional methods are: speed of operation, elimination/reduced downtime due to adverse weather, better quality of work for example drilling works, improved working and safety conditions and minimum interference to other marine traffic.

The introduction of a static platform further permits modern sophisticated techniques for marine testing such as cone penetration testing of the seabed etc.

Download data sheet (pdf)


Length: 13,5 m
Width: 5,1 m
Deck area: 31m² with extra 5 m² at bow
Working depth: 1,5 m
Draught:  2,5 m
Leg size:  600mm diameter x 12m
Payload:  20 ton


Power: 380 volts AC Gen
Crane: 1 750kg
Winchar: 4 Hydraulic
Elevating system: Hydraulic cylinders