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Sventab has invested in a new diving systems

SVENTAB investing in the future and perform a large modernization work to be at the forefront of safety and cost. The investment in a brand new divingplatform with a nitrox facility, and a pressure chamber together constitute one of the most modern divingunits. New projects can now be carried out in greater depth with longer diveperiods and greater safety.


We have about a dozen fully equipped divingcontainers of various sizes. These are standard equipped with a compressor, electric welding, cutting equipment, power tools etc. The equipment is inspected and meets all requirements according to the Work Environment Authority. These can be supplemented with other equipment. see other equipment.


We have 2 crane pontoons that are to the surface expandable as needed, these are self-sufficient in power, hydraulics and is also available with air compressor and wire winches.

• Crane Pontoon 2. Equipped with a Fassi crane 33 tonne / meter, 4-ton hoisting winch, range 21m.
• Crane Pontoon 1. Equipped with a Palfinger crane 21 tonne / meter, 3 tons lifting winch, range 21m.

Other cranes

• Crane Pontoon 6×8. Equipped with a Hiab crane 6 t / m, 1 ton lifting winch, reach 8m.
• Caterpillar-mounted crane 5ton / meters with a range of 8m.
• Wheel-mounted crane 5 tonne / meters with a reach of 10m.


We have a number of pontoons in different sizes and for different purposes. Even pontoons which is transportable by road and then fitted to the desired size in the workplace.


Catamaran 12×4 with 600 hp engine, jet propulsion, small Hiab crane. navigation equipment, sonar etc.

B/B Kaparen 13×4 300hp engine and the 4.5-ton thrust. navigation equipment, sonar etc.

A number of workboats in various sizes from 4.5m to 6m with engine power 9 – 100hk.

Other Equipment

We have over several years acquired all sorts of equipment and construction machinery, and the list goes on.

• Hydraulverk, electricity or petrol.
• Hydraulic tools: saws, pumps. pixiborrar, drawing machines, mm mm
• Pressure Washers, 0 – 500 Bar.
• Washdown pumps, suction pumps.
• Toyo, shafts pumps with jetting ring.

General conditions for rental