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Ship related services

In this field we can offer special services for merchant ships such as extended docking intervals through IWS (In Water Survey) and improved fuel economy through cleaning of the hull.

IWS – In Water Survey

In order to extend a ship’s docking intervals the inspection of the underwater part, which normally is performed in dry dock, can be replaced with an In Water Survey. The employees performing this type of investigations have received special training, and the curriculum and the instructions forming the basis of the work have been checked and approved by various classification authorities.

The areas that have been investigated and documented are:

  • Bow and stem
  • Bow propeller
  • Hull sides and bilge
  • Bilge keels
  • Flat-bottomed
  • Propellers
  • Rudder

We have received approval from: Lloyd’s Register, Det Norske Veritas, Germanischer Lloyds, RINA, Russian Maritime and Bureau Veritas.

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Hull cleaning

Increased fuel consumption by a ship can often be due to marine growth on the hull. A quick and effective method to fix this issue is to use high pressure water and ROV.

Cleaning can normally be done at quay during loading and unloading of the ship. The growth is removed without any damage to the hull paint. With planned Hull cleaning intervalls, non-polluting ship paint can be used with advantage.

Blind flanging

A very quick and reliable method when repairing, checking and replacing bottom valves and connection pipes can be deployed using divers and seal flanging. With this method dry pitching when breakdowns on sea connections occur can also be avoided.

Propeller polishing

Another road to reduced fuel consumption is by a continuous maintenance of propellers. With specially constructed machines, especially adjusted for grinding and polishing, we can guarantee a excellent result. When developing the equipment we have cooperated with, among others, Lips Ltd and Nakashima Propeller Ltd.