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MarCon gruppen AB

The parent company manages the Group’s assets in the form of machinery and real estate.

In order to offer you our services in an even better and more efficient way, we have organized the daily activities of various subsidiaries. There will be both easier and more beneficial for our customers and partners.

In order to remain flexible and to ensure your demands and requirements will be fulfilled, we will of course transmit previously gained experience to your projects.

Svensk Sjöentreprenad AB

Swedish Sjöentreprenad AB (SSE) is a company where the construction activities are conducted from. This focus on, among others, construction, service, maintenance and construction on facilities related to water.

In this area we offer complete- or installments relating to, among others, harbors, wharves, piers, lighthouses, bridges, power plants, etc. Through a unique and longstanding partnership with various construction and management companies, we can offer you a broad knowledge in these areas.

Our special services targeting ships and the merchant will also be conducted in this company.

This company will provide you with efficient and cost effective services related to any kind of marine operation.

Our site offices in Stockholm, Malm√∂, √Ąngelholm, S√∂lvesborg and H√§rn√∂sand will enable fast mobilisations and an optimum result.

Marcon Teknik AB

Marcon AB (MTE) is a company where the business is focusing on, among others, status assessment, hydrographic surveys, inspections, investigations and planning on facilities related to water will be conducted.

We have among other things, since the early 1980s in close cooperation with the various port authorities, municipalities, utilities and other management companies, involved in the status assessment and design of various facilities. We have through this gained an extensive know-how on a large variety of designs.

Through our offices in Stockholm, Malm√∂, √Ąngelholm and S√∂lvesborg, we can give our customers fast start-ups and achieve optimal results.

Work abroad

Several of our projects are abroad. We work, among other things. by building a road on pillars around the island of Reunion and with the world’s largest port in Morocco.

Stockholms Vattenentreprenad AB

Stockholm Vattenentreprenad AB (SVENTAB) has been working as subsea contractors since the middle of 1970. We are a diving company based in Stockholm but we also diving assignments in other parts of the country. Our mission consists of repairs and new productions existing bridges, piers, lake bed lines, surveys, inspections etc. Referring to recommendations can be provided upon request on all the construction companies and municipalities for which we are for 30 years carried out work for.

Marcon Wind Power AB

Marcon Wind Power AB and its affiliated companies, represents fields of expertise that includes all aspects of Underwater and Marine works associated with the installation and maintenance of Wind Power plants as well as other structures within the marine environment.