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Stockholms Vattenentreprenader AB

We have been working as subsea entrepreneurs since the middle of 1970. We are a diving company based in Stockholm and Härnösand but we are also performing diving assignments in other parts of the country. Our mission consists repairs and new productions of existing bridges, piers, lake bed lines, surveys, inspections etc. Referring to recommendations can be provided upon request on all the construction companies and municipalities for which we are for 30 years carried out work for.



We are one of the oldest companies in the Marcon Group. Since the middle of 70 century, we have performed works of all sizes, as well as been a service partner to shipping, shipbuilding, municipalities, power and process industries.

The ownership structure has changed over the years, the Marcon Group in Sweden with its companies Marcon Teknik, Stockholms Vattenreprenader, Svensk Sjöentreprenad, Svenska Tungdykargruppen, DYKAB in Luleå, Marcon Windpower is part of the Norwegian listed company ENDUR ASA.


We shall strive for continuous improvements of the long term relationship with our customers and work for a long term lasting development for the gain of people, the environment and our cultural heritage. We shall be the natural partner for the water activity of others.

This is achieved by:

  • Heeding our policy during procurement and product development.
  • Reaching and surpassing customer and legislative requirements.
  • Having the staff take an active interest in our environment and quality work through active leadership, education and dialogue.
  • Working for a good work environment by having a well educated staff and making good use of technology.
  • Systematically returning own and customer experiences to create competitive, fault free products and a good work environment.

Staying at the forefront of our market area concerning staff, competence and technology.

Download our full sustainability policy here

Download our Magement policy document here