BJÖRN – Construction vessel

Björn is a tow-boat whit high buoyancy, equiped whit a special designed tower for piling.

Bridges and stern-mooring in different types of harbours are all usuall works for Björn.

With its own engine and the powerfull support legs the work will be efficent and rationally.

Download data sheet (pdf)


Lenght: 13.0 meter
Width: 8.0 meter
Draught: 1,0 meter
Tonnage: 25 ton


  • 2 st hydraulic propellers
  • Hydraulic crane
  • Diesel driven hydraul engine
  • Tower for piling, 12 m high
  • Hydraulic ram (1800 joule, 450 hits per minute)
  • Support legs to 10 m depth