R.O.V. V8 Sii

R.O.V. V8 Sii is a Hi-tech, top of the art, Remotely Operated underwater Vehicle, capable of working at depths down to 500 meters. This vessel is ideal for inspection, observation, search, survey and small light works.

The V8 Sii has a unique configuration of 8 vectored thrusters and state of the art control system allows for precise maneuvering in six degrees of freedom.
A positioning system as GPS or UPS (Underwater Positioning System) can be added, providing high accuracy positional data.

The operator and support crew can follow the mission status in real-time. The collected sensor data covers the complete operation with high digital quality from video, sonar, voice and other equipment through Tapiren´s patented Spot.on information management system.

Download datasheet (pdf)


Vessel Name: V8 Sii
Type: Remotely operated underwater vehicle
Activities: Inspection, observation, search, survey and light work
Built:  2008
Wieght in air: 60 kg
Length: 0,75 m
Width: 0,65 m
Height: 0,40 m
Pay load: 6 kg
Speed: 2,5 knots
Power requirements: 220V 3KW
Working depth: 500 m


– 360 Degrees sonar
– Camera Colour zoom, HD-SDI
– Lights 2 x Halogen
– Manipulator

Optional equipment:
– Up to 2500 m umbilical
– Navigation/tracking system