PONTUS – Working catamaran

Pontus is a divisible working catamaran and can be transported in a truck.

Pontus have an extremly low draught (0,8 meters unloaded), hydralic crane, jack up system and double anchor windlass.

Since Pontus have an own engine the catamaran is well fited for works in small harbours, canals and small lakes.

Pontus is also a stalbe plattform for geotechnicla works.

Download data sheet (pdf)


Lenght: 8 meter
Width: variable 4.5 to 5.5
Draught: 0.8 meter
Deck area: 30m2
Leg size: 300 mm2 x 12m
Payload: 7 ton


  • Two hydraulically driven propellers
  • Hydraulic crane
  • Double anchor windlass