PLUTO – Flexifloat pontoon

PLUTO is a flexifloat pontoon mounted with 5 nos separate pontoons.

PLUTO is an ideal craft capable of working safely in either inshore waters or canals and harbours where afloat mobilisation is required.

Download data sheet (pdf)



PLUTOs front ramp is used for easy mobilisation of all kinds of equipment. Typical works for the pontoon are, piling, drilling, transports, diving etc.

The dismountable pontoons makes it wery easy to transport the pontoon by lorry.


Lenght: 12,8 m
Breath: 8,1 m
Each pontoon: 8,0 x 2,5 x 1,2 m
Deck area: 104 m2
Draft: 0,2 m
Payload: 50 tons