JACK III – Jack-up

Jack III is a multi-purpose, four legged mini jack-up platform. The platform can be elevated out of the water and made completely independent from vulnerable weather conditions.

Jack III is an ideal platform for the use in all near shore working invironments. The jack-up is eguipped with a small crane, an open space between the pontoons for vertical drill holes.

Download data sheet (pdf)


Length: 11,7 m
Width: 6 alt 8 m
Deck area: 66 m2
Draught: 1,5 m fully loaded.
Payload: 62 ton
Leg size: 0,3 x 0,3 x 10 m


Power: 380 volts AC Gen, 40 Kwa
Elevating system: Hydraulic cylinders
Elevating capacity: 40 ton

  • 1 smaller crane
  • removable pontoon for ease of transportation