Working barge with equipment for cable laying and flushing

Download datasheet (pdf)


Crane hull L=12m W=3m H=1,2m
Weight 7400kg, without crane
Engine hull L=12m W=3m H=1,2m
Weight 7400kg
Tranport size crane L=3m W=2m
Weight 2100kg
Maximum size L=12m W=6,20m
Loading capacity 40 tonnes
Crane capacity 5800kg
Range 14,5 m
4 winches 200m, 12mm wire
Traction power 4 tonnes
Draft 10cm at 6,5 tonnes
Electric power 380v, 50 hz, 112 kVA
Hyraulic 270 bar, 100litres/minute
Water pump 500m3/h at 15 bar
Fuel oil 6m3


  • Equipment for laying cables
  • Equipment for cable trenching
  • Diving equipment according to agreement